Ready BOTs For
Diverse Business Ops

We offer pre-developed BOTs serving a multitude of functions from sales enablement to HR onboarding that are ready to go live with minor customizations.

Exploring Virtual Assistants

Pre-built To Perfection

Address your urgent requirements for human-like conversational agents across different industry departments and functions with pre-developed BOTs, ready to become operational with minor customizations. Jumpstart your conversational AI journey with our ready BOTs that can be as quickly and efficiently deployed as their custom-developed counterparts.

Business Intelligence Bot

Granular Insights That Empower Decisive Actions

Real-time Reports & Insights

Instant and personalized access to real-time BI insights and reports through guided queries and natural conversations

Intelligent Assistance

Contextual conversations to help users find relevant data. Smart templates for effective understanding of data.

Easy View & Sharing

Reports and insights are available on a simple conversational interface and can be shared via contextual reports.

Easy Access

Access reports instantly anytime, anywhere on mobile, desktop, Amazon or Google devices. All you need to do is ASK

Sales Assistant Bot

AI Driven Sales Enablement To Accelerate Deals

Reports & Performance

Access reports and performance charts on demand. Break information silos. All you need to do is ASK the Assistant.

Sales Enablement

Empower sales teams with market intelligence and access to the resource library. Effectively train new recruits.

Sales Executions

Leverage the simple interface to cut the clutter in calendars and scheduling, managing accounts and unifying lead information.

Administrative Functions

Ensure smoother execution of administrative functions such as queries, expenses of the sales team, log hours, leave, etc.

Support Bot

Automating Support Functions For Enhanced Experiences

IT Helpdesk

Enable seamless access to enterprise applications and frictionless credential resets with Smart Assistants.

Expense Management

Track and manage expense-related admin functions such as travel requests, reimbursements and more.

FAQs & Information

Equip stakeholders with relevant data and answer queries on company’s latest endeavors, policy information, etc.

Employee Support

Support employees in training and on-boarding and offer guidance to build knowledge of product development and services.

HR Bot

Simplifying HR Operations for Elevated EX

Popular Communication Channel

Leverage the Conversational Agent as a medium for employees to seamlessly interact within the complicated enterprise systems.

Effectively Manage Requests

Raise and track HR-related requests from any location at any time, improve your response time and ensure elevated experiences.

Performance Assessments

Simplify the annual revenue and performance assessment process and ensure better experiences for employees and HR Teams.