A Smart Platform for Building Smarter Conversational Agents


SmartBots Platform is where Smarter BOTs are developed and deployed to craft meaningful two-way engagements across a multitude of industries and domains.

Conversational Intelligence and Interactive interfaces

Conversational – Intelligent- Contextual

AI Tools

Bot Building Studio

Bot Management

Architecture That’s Engineered On

The Principles Of AI/ML

Powered by SmartAI and SmartML, the SmartBots platform ensures intelligent and meaningful conversations that are enterprise-specific and context-aware. With advanced language and learning capabilities, ready-to-go BOT templates, pre-built enterprise, and channel connectors, enterprises can easily customize and quickly implement BOTs to meet their unique business needs.

Channel Connectors

Build your BOT once and deploy across multiple channels such as the web, enterprise portals, mobile applications, Skype, Slack, and other social platforms.

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The Smart Connector framework abstracts channel interfaces and offers features such as authorization control, response formatting for the channel, and channel connectivity.

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Live Agent Handoff

The Live Agent Handoff feature allows a seamless transition of the conversation from the BOT to the human agents wherein human agents are provided with the entire conversation history

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directly within their live chat software. Integrate chatbot with Salesforce Live Agent and other live chat solutions for effectiveness and enhanced CX.

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System Integration Framework

Enrich conversations and perform tasks with informative data from enterprise systems. The SmartBots Platform Integration Framework enables integrations of cloud-based applications,

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on-premise enterprise systems, custom data repositories, etc. and setting up of authorization controls, API resources and parameter mapping for secure integrations.

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BOT Training

Train the BOT to improve its enterprise-specificity and capability to provide relevant information to the users. Augment its ML capabilities by providing more relevant enterprise language vocabulary,

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synonyms, and patterns based on the analysis of conversation logs, user intentions and by identifying the unmet user needs.

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Context Handling

Build intuitive, intelligent and highly engaging conversational BOTs for natural and multi-turn dialogues by leveraging the configurable and customizable Smart State Machine.

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It helps BOT developers maintain multiple levels of contextual parameters (Enterprise, Session and Bot Level). The BOT continually learns from various conversational logs and intelligently engages users based on pre-configured rules, context and dialogue flows.

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Analytics & Insights

Analytics and Insights help you measure the BOT’s performance, engagement, and retention metrics. The visually-rich and comprehensive dashboard allow enterprise users

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to delve deeper into BOT analytics and conversations, identify areas of improvement and thereby, augment the capabilities of the BOT.

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